Cote Sud - Told Was Made In France

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I purchased several Items in this store, the owner told me was MADE IN FRANCE but once home i discovered on the items stickers "MADE IN CHINA" shame on him.

Also purchased a very nice painting that i paid $450 for what he told me "made by french students" while at the Carlsbad Outlet Mall I saw the same painting for 1/2 price.

This store is very expensive and it's not right to pay that much money for items MADE IN CHINA just because it's located in LA JOLLA on Prospect.

I will never go back again shame on him

Review about: Misleading Information.


La Jolla, California, United States #760077

OMG my mom use to go there all the time, thank you for letting us know we will not go there anymore.

Shame to sell fake.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #758959

Thanks for informing the rest of us. No one likes to be played as a sucker :-(


White people problems....

to Anonymous San Diego, California, United States #757769

not white people problems all customers problems !!

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